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About Us

Our 40-year history as one of Zurich's finest outfitters of the classic man is reflected in our assortment of high-quality men's clothes. Classic staple pieces exhibit our famed, timeless Hudson Surplus style, while modern men’s trendy clothing choices give you the best must-have looks with a contemporary touch. 

We rely only on brands which use the finest materials and whose products are pieces of art to offer men’s designer clothes that are built to impress and built to last. The Men’s Collection at Hudson Surplus includes apparel options and accessories for formal and casual occasions — and everything in between.

We also offer shoes, premium men’s clothing accessories, and all of the essentials you need before stepping out for work, travel or pleasure. Come by and discover our most popular collections consisting of timeless pieces.

For unmistakable style and dependable quality, spend some time exploring the Men’s Collection at Hudson Surplus today.


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