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Saint James

St James is one of the top French marine clothing labels for women, men and children. Established since 1889, they are well known for their range of quality Breton striped shirts, sweaters & jackets, attracting followers from all over the world.

Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoe Company is a business founded on purpose, and our unique heritage still shapes the way we do business today. Charles Beckman established Red Wing Shoes in 1905 to supply workers in industries likes mining, farming, and logging with durable, comfortable footwear.

Schott NYC Logo

An American classic since 1913. Schott NYC's line consists of fine leather jackets, motorcycle apparel, and wool coats.


Attention to detail and a sense of quality are what have made Giuliano Ceccarelli’s designs stand out since the Forli-based fashion designer started the Manifattura Ceccarelli label in 1998. He soon began to specialise in outdoor clothing, hunting wear and sportswear for men and women, made primarily from wool, cotton and functional fabrics. Nowadays, Manifattura Ceccarelli’s own collection includes blazers, shorts, trousers and bags.

Lee Logo

Established in 1889 as a wholesale mercantile of groceries & goods to the West, The H.D. Lee Mercantile Company expanded gradually, and in 1912 began to manufacture work wear. Problem-solving designs earned Lee a reputation for quality, service and integrity. The success of Lee’s workwear business eventually transformed the company into a worldwide leader in the apparel industry, known for superior comfort and stylish versatility.

Edwin Logo

A progressive denim brand that blends their Japanese background, craftsmanship & expertise with a European contemporary flavour, vision and attitude.

Komono Logo

Experience the optical range, sunglasses, watches and everything else of Komono, the perfect blend of vision and timing. Founded in Antwerp, Belgium.

Kings of Indigo Logo

Kings Of Indigo positions itself as a pioneer in this ever-changing sustainable fashion world, innovating with materials and sustainable production methods, constantly exploring how to reduce the impact on the planet and people; every garment made with a conscious.

Blue de Gênes Logo

Garments with an authentic look, a strong identity and a design that will last for several years.


CANO products are ethically handmade, created for those who love sustainable & durable pieces of craftsmanship.


Desde 1921, nuestra marca ha sido sinónimo de calzado cómodo y de calidad. Para caminar hacia el futuro, mejor hacerlo con un par de zapatos PIELSA.

Alan Paine Logo

The Alan Paine brand was established in the historic market town of Godalming in Surrey, England in 1907. Wool and knitting industries were important sources of income in the area over a number of centuries. Evidence of this survives in the town’s emblem,- a woolsack - which is still in official use today and was included in the Alan Paine crest through the years.

La touche francaise Logo
John Smedley Logo

Iconic hand crafted knitwear made in Britain.

Hestra Logo

For over 80 years, Hestra has developed gloves that will warm, protect and give a dexterity in the most varied environments.


Italian brand L'Impermeabile have been producing raincoats since 1948. Originally inspired by the British Military Trench Coat, L’Impermiabile produce a range of outerwear which is equally STYLISH and FUNCTIONAL.

Stefan Brandt Logo

The Stefan Brandt label creates knitwear from Peruvian Pima cotton, which is unique in its quality. With the help of the latest technologies and an exclusive production process, unique shirts and jumpers are created that are crease-resistant and have an extraordinary feel.

Baracuta Logo

"G" like Golf, “9” like the 9 holes of the golf course. The G9, also known as the Harrington, is still, to this day, one of the most celebrated icons in the history of menswear. Created in 1937, it is capable of combining the ethics of hard work together with innovation. The Harrington immediately stands out through the characteristic and distinctive Fraser Tartan lining, given to the Millers by Lord Fraser and the unmistakable umbrella yoke motif on the back.

Benzak Logo

BENZAK is a European denim and lifestyle brand from Amsterdam. Founded in 2013, BENZAK set out with a strong focus on creating high-quality made-to-last.

Portuguese Flannel Logo

Their shirts are manufactured by master craftsmen in the old towns of northern Portugal. Portuguese Flannel uses exclusive fabrics that are produced the traditional way, selecting only the finest ones. It doesn’t follow trends or vibes of the moment. Its inspiration comes from genuine people from both the coast and mountains, with brave and challenging ways of living – resulting in a timeless yet contemporary design.

Paraboot Logo

In the last two decades, Paraboot has built up another wave of popularity, cementing itself further as a cult classic. Ever ahead of the trends, the Japanese market has been longtime fans of the French bootmaker, frequently featuring its shoes in magazine spreads in publications like Fudge Magazine the now-defunct Free & Easy. The Michael has been a point of inspiration for countless brands, eliciting imitators from Clarks, Padmore & Barnes, Mephisto, Kleman and more.

John Lakes Logo

Born within the History of Artur Pinho Vintage Shoemakers, Lda, the brand John Lakes is the result of the company’s experience and desire to present a product with quality to a costumer with an alternative lifestyle. More specifically, a modern lifestyle in which Men and Women take on different daily roles, assuming a rebel attitude towards their surroundings, in search for their own image as an individual.

Alpha Industries Logo

lpha Industries is an American clothing manufacturer founded in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Initially as a contractor to the United States military, the company grew into an international commercial seller of American military style and fashion apparel.

Merz b. Schwanen Logo

Merz b. Schwanen stands for original, sustainable and simply good basics. Textiles for everyone who loves a reduced, timeless design and reliable products. Look good and feel good, every day!

Vétra Logo

VETRA name has been basically composed of the abbreviation of VETements de TRAvail ( in English it would have been ‘WW’ ). The use of two syllables has made it easy to memorize the short synthetic brand name VETRA.

Hartford Logo

Hartford today offers a complete and modern wardrobe for men and women of all generations. Fine and true classics designed to become absolute must-haves! Loyal to its initial vision, Men collections are a subtle mixture of casual style and refinement. It includes emblematic pieces such as button-down shirts in Oxford or denim, military or unstructured jackets, pleated pants and not to mention vintage-inspired swimwear.

And many more...

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